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The Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations (SIRT) at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh engages stakeholders from Wisconsin and beyond to build healthy communities, inclusive economies, and ecologically sound environments through inquiry, education and action.



We direct efforts to strengthen the university’s sustainability curriculum by working in conjunction with the University Studies Program to support the efforts of faculty, staff and students. In 2017-18 we will host a workshop for instructional staff, and outreach to Quest sustainability instructors.


We serve as a hub for sustainability research and discussions on campus and beyond. In 2017-18 we will develop a web-based searchable listing of sustainability-related research conducted by faculty and staff. We will also offer a seminar series for faculty, providing a forum to exchange ideas across disciplines.


We support the work of the Campus Sustainability Office to develop, maintain, and promote one of the most sustainable college campuses in Wisconsin and the nation. In 2017-18 we will promote the campus commitment to sustainability during Earth Charter events aimed and students and citizens, to educate them on these efforts.


We engage with our community and our region to build a culture of sustainability. In 2017-18 we are building connections with local organizations. We will coordinate the Earth Charter Community Summit and Earth week events.